City road comparisons and contrasts with Busby road.

City road is a mile long stretch of road in Cardiff which plays a central feature to many different people from the area. There are many inequalities that can be seen throughout city road and it is these that I will look at in this essay. Using the DVD and learning companion to describe the inequalities that exist in city road and will also refer to my street of choice Busby Road in Clarkston on the South side of Glasgow is also approximately 1 mile long and I will use it to draw comparisons and contrast that exist in its own right as well as in regards to city road. This essay will focus on the shops types, the people of   the area and the use of space in each street.

City road in Cardiff is a main street whereby there is a vast amount of restaurants and take away's which cater primarily to the ethnic minorities and students which highly populate this areas. The restaurants cater for British, Greek, Spanish, Kurdish and Pakistani ethnic groups as well as having many different varieties of shops from African extravaganza to an auto trader and a Tesco. This shows the inequalities that exist within this area in regards to the people around in which the shops and restaurants cater for – a broad range of people and nationalities. Busby road differs from that of City road in regards to the shops that it has. There is very few restaurants and only a few take aways   which primarily cater for Indian, Italian and Chinese ethnicities. This relates to the population that stay in the surrounding area which is primarily, British families and older couples. This is not a student area and so there is little around which caters for such a group. Busby road like Cardiff road has inequalities in regards to the shops, there is charity shops and corner shops dotted around but primarily more recently there has been an upsurge of upper class shops, selling antiques, and brand names such as Ted Baker. This shows the variance of...