TMA 01

Drawing on what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know

In this assignment I will explore the inequalities, differences, and similarities experienced in a street I am familiar with, in comparison to those that exist in City Road, Cardiff.

I will be focusing on the street called Broadway in Peterborough, to discuss some of the inequalities that occur and are present. Broadway is a long stretch of road running through Peterborough’s main centre and similarly to City Road it is host to supermarkets, takeaways, restaurants and small businesses.

City centre streets, such as Broadway and City Road, reflect society, which is a key factor in determining how inequalities are produced. The inequalities this essay will be focusing on will be evident in many streets in the UK, however, when applying these very same inequalities to a street people happen to be all too familiar with, they tend to be taken for granted. Nevertheless, when analysing a street you are unfamiliar with, it is possible to see certain things which may have previously gone unnoticed.

Over the years Broadway has encountered many changes, with businesses opening and closing, as well as buildings being altered and refurbished. In 2001 Broadway saw the opening of a Tesco supermarket, and as Colin the newsagent on City Road explains to Lloyd Robson, his struggle with competing against major supermarkets such as Tesco and Spar, (Making Social Lives, 2009, Scene 3) I am able to link this inequality to Broadway. Since Tesco’s opening it has left no need for smaller shops to exist in that same space, pushing further the imbalance of power. As Colin explains ‘it’s knocked me a bit, Tesco’s opening two blocks up. That made a difference.’ (Making Social Lives, 2009, Scene 3)

‘Reshaping of society creates some winners and some losers. It creates new inequalities and differences.’   (Dr Georgina Blakeley, Making Social Lives, 2009)