TMA01 02/10/2015
Jenni Bassom

In your own words define “difference” and provide two examples of this on city road.

In this assignment I am going to define difference by providing two examples of this on city road Cardiff.
There is a multitude of difference on city road that can be seen by the different shops and how they attract different kinds of people. Inequalities in financial resources maybe why these differences occur. A good example is that different people might use the food bank in comparison with those that use Tesco.
Inequalities are made by unequal access to economic resources, the people who use the food bank do not have a choice, and because of this, they are restricted on the limited choices which they can make, due to economic inequalities. Also John Arthur, the homeless man is a prime example of how inequalities are made by unequal access to economic resources. Perception also plays an important role in producing differences. In the life and times of the street, part one, the head coach at the Macintosh centre notes that local people can feel excluded from the sports club. ( The open university, 2014 A). Due to the history of the building and the wealthy family which it once belonged to, local people remember this, and although the centre tries to be inclusive and open to everyone, on the outside it gives the appearance of being expensive and exclusive.
Prejudice also plays a role in how difference and inequality may relate. Therefore, we can see that difference alone does not always relate to inequalities, but can produce them if people in society feel that they don't belong, or fit in to certain lifestyles.

264 Words.
Reference: The open university (2014) “The life and times of the street” (Video) DD102 Introducing the social sciences. Available at§ion=3.2 (access date 02/10/2015).

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