DD102 TMA01
Part 1: In your own words describe ‘inequality’ and provide two examples of this on City Road.

I would define inequality as the absence of the perceived uniformity experienced by an individual, group or sector.
Inequality within City Road can be evidenced by observing the selection of people that have been forced to use the food bank due to the effects of poverty and/or unfortunate circumstance. These people have been stripped of their luxury to be able to choose the food they consume, the quality of these items as well as the quantity. These people also demonstrated a lack of self worth and in one case shame.   Whereas the selection of people shown whom attended the Farmers Market appear to not only have an abundance of choice in the foods they purchase but also quality and origin of foods to consider. They are also seen to express be pride in being able to support this type of event in their community.   (The Open University, 2016)
Inequality can also be perceived in the portrayal of the long standing and ageing selection of people whom reside within the area of City Road and also attend the Municipal Club. They expressed their current discontentment with the fact that they not only feel unsafe being out on City Road at night but also feel that their social pastimes are being phased out.   Whereas it appeared that the younger generation were shown to be the dominant occupiers of City Road at night. They are seen to confidently making use of the available amenities for eating, drinking and entertainment. (The Open University, 2016)
The Open University (2016) Changes and Challenges on the street’ [Video], DD102 introducing the social sciences. Available at