Stephanie Kewley

TMA01 gives me opportunity to show my skills of writing a short peice of work, using concepts to define and describe what I have witnessed in the videos, in regards to City Road, Cardiff and streets that are more familar to myself.
Difference is a condition in where objects, people, places etc are not alike. A degree by which things differ can relate to how we experience the differences in our society, age, disability,   race,   class, gender, sexuality or ethnicity. These groups can create contrasts between a variety of people.
One example of differences on City Road shows the divide between social class. John Arthur is a homeless gentleman, living around City Road.   Johnhas a history of substance abuse, and mental health illnesses. John Struggles to meet his basic needs. There are individuals such as Paul from the food bank, who require help for the short term. Vouchers are handed out to individuals from social services in exchange for food, to those who desperatly need help. Although people like Paul need help in the short term,   they will still be able to meet most of their basic needs. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the individuals that are able to shop in the various shops, markets and diners that exist on City Road.
Another example of differences on City Road shows the diverse range of nationalities and cultures. There is a wide range of shops along City Road that will entice a wide range of customers. The Xquisite shop may attract individuals from different ethnic backgrounds,where as some people who shop in Tesco may never shop in Xquisite.


The Open University (Year of module start) ‘Changes and challenges on the street’ [Video], DD102 Introducing the Social Sciences.