DD208 - TMA01
Phillipa Koomson B7437353

How are crime control and social welfare entangled? Use the example of surveillance to illustrate your answer.

Crime control and social welfare are 2 very different things but through using the notion of surveillance we can argue that both social welfare and crime control are entangled. Surveillance is primarily the monitoring of behavior, people, activities etc. CCTV cameras and security guards are woven into everyday lives and some see it as a threat others as a necessary safety measures in times like today.
Surveillance literally means to 'watch over' Using The Surveillance film I will take evidence from the White rose shopping Center in Leeds and how surveillance plays a big part in the malls everyday structure.

Surveillance is practiced in different ways and forms, the use of CCTV cameras, Security Guards, Marketing of personal data. We see in DVD1(chapter 1, Open University, 2008) surveillance being practiced in these ways. Surveillance as we will see evidence from the film, illustrates that crime control and social welfare are two different things but have many entanglements.
In the White Rose Shopping Center (DVD 1, DD208,Open University 2008) a very positive safety feature of the CCTV cameras, security and police in the shopping center, the Manager 'Peter Cook tells us how the Mall is opened early for "Mall Walks' for the older in the community, elderly and middle ages couples, singles come to the mall and walk here for exercise as they feel the CCTV and security cameras are a positive as they feel safe; Margaret an elderly woman who enjoys the mall walks explains ' the staff and security are so friendly....' and ' we walk here as we feel its safer'' , Nasim another lady who comes to the wall to enjoy a safer walk. Nazim very much enjoys the thought of surveillance but explain how back in the day when she was young it was not necessary; She comments, ' we feel safer, there is a park in...