Tma01 E112

Introduction to sports fitness and management
James Mold

· Hi I'm James I am 33 from Rhyl north wales.
I love most sports but i am very passionate about boxing. I come from a family of boxers and started as a young lad myself and had numerous fights as a teenager and still carried on training in my twenties which then lead onto body building for a number of years. I want to use what knowledge i have already gained and the knowledge i gain on this course and hope to open a gym in the future to help young lads and ladies steer out of trouble and channel that energy into something positive.

      (b) My key motivations for opting to study E112
I have trained on and off since I was 8 years old and it’s the only thing I love doing. So if I can gain the relevant qualifications needed I will look to have some sort of career in the sports and fitness world. Primarily I would love to open up my own gym/youth club to help young individuals keep out of trouble and motivated into something positive as for me training in fitness and weights and also boxing helped me massively to stay away from trouble. So hopefully this course and a few to follow will give me what I need and the knowledge to add to the knowledge I have already gained and use this professionally to help others and to have a bright career in something I love rather than just a job.

Boxing is looked at as a sport and can also be looked at as a physical activity.   When considering boxing to be a sport taking information from the reader (by mick green between pages 10-16) there are four particular themes that emerge.
1) There must be some form of physical dimension involved
2) There should be a competitive element involved
3) It should be structured, i.e. have a set of rules which are regulated by some form of governing body

4) There should be some sort of general acceptance that an activity is sporting either by the media and sports councils.
Boxing has...