Tma Help in English Writing

TMA03 is split into two parts – part 1 involves describing key content from two tables and part 2 of the TMA is a more straight-forward essay question, with an article, accessed from the Guardian newspaper that should be read and applied to the question.   This summary will mainly focus on part 2 of your assignment, however, I will comment briefly on part 1.   The question you have been asked to answer is “Using Tables 1 and 2, what can you say about the ethnicity of the population of England and Wales in 2001 and in 2011 and about the composition of the ethnic population of England and Wales in 2011?.   The first part of your TMA is based on reading and describing some quantitative evidence.   The second part of your TMA involves examining an argument which looks more so at qualitative evidence.   In regards to part 1, I would suggest that you write your answer as continuous prose.   500 words is the word count for part 1 but remember this is not a full essay – so do not worry about a proper introduction and conclusion in part 1, a sentence at the start to set things up and a sentence at the end to pull them together should be enough.
Another point to bear in mind when approaching the writing of part 1, it may be useful to read p.211 of the textbook.   Here you are given good advice on summarising quantitative data and the textbook states “it is important not simply to repeat what is in the table instead, try to offer a descriptive overview looking at patterns and trends within the tables”.   As with all of your TMAs I suggest you read the student notes carefully for part 1 in your assignment booklet.
For part 2 you are asked to write a 1000 word essay on the following question, “Examine the argument that identities of place can be a source of inclusion and exclusion”.   As is the case with all TMAs you should define the key terms in the question.   Your starting point should be to understand what is meant by “identities of place”.   In the Guardian article that is part of...