Tma 101

Following what I have learnt from the "Making Social Lives" DVD & also from "Learning Companion 1", there follows a brief description on a small number of the inequalities that are very apparent on City Road in Cardiff
Firstly, I am now able to identify situations and certain social layers as inequalities as my understanding of the word inequalities' defenition is more clear. As well as observing not to confuse "difference" with inequality.
Some of the most obvious cases of inequality are seen within the economic structure of City Road as there are lots of points within the "Making Social Lives DVD"   that suggest this is not a particularly affluent area,
however amongst all of the varied outlets lies an Asian store of considerable wealth with an itinery that consists of multiple thousands per item.   This is not a store that can be used by every one although the products
may well be desirable to many, other shop owners might struggle with the ethos of the store as it relies on one particular type of client and during the conversation with LLoyd Robson the shop owner suggests that their
clients come from all over Wales / Nation.
A really interesting point of inequality for me is raised in the Municipal club by it's members whilst talking to Lloyd Robson. Particularly with regards to not feeling like the street they have known for so long and been a part of
is not a place they feel comfortable in at night as it apparently favours the younger generations and excessive drinking and anti social behaviours displayed by the streets evening patrons. It is this aspect of inequality of
amenities I find really interesting and slightly ironic, and the narration of Georgina Blakely touches on it slightly suggesting that there has been a reversal of roles over the generations that those that possably were the cause
of some similar inequality a number of decades ago are now feeling what it is like to be excluded. A good example of where differences can be linked to...