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Question 1(a)

Someone that has control of a sunbed business must make sure that no one under the age of 18 uses a sunbed on the premises that are relevant, i.e., the sunbed business. Sunbed act 2010 section 2(1)(a)(b).

    That a person under the age of 18 must not enter an area that has been given exclusive uses of a sunbed ,S2(1)(c)S2(4)(5.) Someone under the age of 18 may enter a restricted   zone if they are working in the premises and the reason for entering the restricted zone is purely to provide the person with services related to the sunbed business and not to use a sunbed S2(1)(c).


If a person does commit an offense against the sunbeds act, they’re liable to get a fine that could amount to the sum of £20,000 S2(2)(6), unless they can prove they did everything in their power to try to not commit the offense S2(2)(7).

Question 1 (a) and (b) 150 words.

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Question 2(a)

A person under the age of 18 may use a sunbed if they have sought the advice from a registered medical practitioner and were told   the person needs to use a sunbed for such medical reasons, section3 (1)(a)

    The sunbed must only be used if it’s in a recognised healthcare establishment as (set out by section 275 of the National Health Service act 2006) or if the sunbed has been provided by one of these establishments. S3 (1)(b). So for this reason a person under 18 may be permitted to enter a restricted zone if they been advised to use a sunbed by their doctor.S3(1)(4)

    A sunbed may only be used by a person under 18 if it’s specifically for the sole use of medical treatment and is not used for any other purpose. S3 (1)(b)

    A person who has control of a sunbed premises may offer the service of a sunbed for medical use,   only if they have made sure the sunbed is for this exclusive use only   (S3(1)(b)) and they have gone through all the correct channels to procure this specific sunbed...