Tma 1

Professional skills 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1. Planning and designing activities for the children you work with. 
2. Communicating with parents and families. 
3. Working with a range of professionals from different backgrounds and with different views on supporting children. 
4. Understanding how you impact on children’s development and learning through your practice. 
5. Knowledge of child development theory. 
6. Skills in assessing children’s learning. 
7. Skills in supporting children’s well-being and emotional development. 
8. Communicating with your colleagues. 
9. Using ICT with children to support their learning. 
10. Understanding how you can improve your own practice through self-reflection and continued learning. 

• In 300 words, reflect on your responses to the evaluation grid, indicating where you feel you need to focus your professional skill development, and ideas about how you might achieve this.

Looking at the above table I feel that I need to build on my skills when communicating with parents.   At the end of a working day I give a thorough handover to the parents of my key children, I feel happy and confident to carry this task out.   I however get panicked when having to speak to them in a formal basis e.g. when carrying out parents evenings, having a two year check, also when new parents come into the setting I feel self-conscious and maybe that may come across as rude.   I am aware that I need to resolve my confidence issues as it may affect my role in moving forward. I have consulted this issue with my room leader and we have both agreed that I should attend a parent liaison course.
I am aware that I need to develop working with a range of different professionals.   I I do not work with anyone outside of my setting.   I have since asked if it would be possible to sit in on a meeting when a nurse comes to visit one of the children...