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LB160 Professional communication skills for business studies

TMA 02

Part One:


The purpose of this assignment is to analyse Brompton Bicycle looking at the company strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats using a SWOT matrix (The Open University, 2015, Pg. 125)

SWOT Analysis

Strength19,000 bikes made£925,000 pre tax profitUnique ProductCopy write designRefined manufacture processLead time 3 weeksOutsourcing non core partsInvested in manufactureSole supplier of spare partsDirect to store salesBrand Name | WeaknessPatent ended 8 years agoNot met overseas demandHuge Market competitionNot growing quicklySluggish productionHigh staff training costs and timeMore expensive than competition |
OpportunityMarket potential 20-25% increaseAmerican expansionBrand name creating overseas interestIncreased production to 50,000 | ThreatsCompetitors sell moreCompetitor bike cheaperAble to manage overseas production |


Brompton Bicycle have many strengths as a company, they have made 19,000 bikes in 12 months which has lead to pre tax profits of £925,000, this is possible due to the unique nature of the product which still has a design copy write in place.

The company has invested in it’s manufacturing process and as a result has outsources the production of its non core parts to save costs and has also reduced the lead time for the bicycles from the original 6 months down to 3 weeks. They have also capitalised on being the sole supplier of spare parts and they directly sell to stores using their heritage and name as its greatest strength.


There are several significant weaknesses at Brompton Bicycles that prevents them from growing as quickly as they would like and in line with the market. They have suffered with ‘sluggish production methods’ Butler-Adams (2008) cited in Smith (2008) this has led to high training costs which have been very time consuming.

The competition in this...