Tma 01

For this tma I decided to examine some of the inequalities on ditherington road   in shrewsbury, which is very familiar to me as I have lived in the housing estate that backs onto it for the last 12 years.this road is quite similar to to city road in different ways, it provides products,services and enertainment to the surrounding community which is mainly working class but also has a number of people on is a smaller road than that on city road covering a much smaller area and does not have as much variety as city road. I have identified a number of equalities between ditherington road and city road however for the purpose of this assignment I will look at only three in more detail.
Firstly even though the area is mainly occupied by council/housing association properties dating back to the 1950's over the last five years a lot of money has been invested in modernising and improving the local area including more affordable housing and the renovation of the historic flax mill dating back to the 1800's because as discussed in the social lives dvd a area is deemed a 'bad area' if it is in a state of disrepair and looking run down which has a knock on effect with the rise in criminal activity and social disorders for example litter and graffeti, while they might not be classified as 'crimes' local people do see it as something that has to be dealt with and managed (ordered lives 2009 scene 1).
over the last five years the area has been tidied up, the roads have been resurfaced and pathways and pedistrian crossings have been put into place to make the area safer for people, shops have been modernised and many new services have moved into the road.the area has been turned from a run down estate where the crime rate was high to one where people are proud of the area and the services it provides for the local residents.
Secondly there is only one pub on ditherington road and no resturants unlike city road where there is a a wide range of options available,the...