Tma 01

In this first assignment I shall be comparing “The Street” & Bramford Road.

Bramford   Road is roughly 2 miles long & it takes you eventually to a small village called Bramford. It is a main bus route from town & fairly busy. There are many sets of traffic lights due to the many new housing estates that have recently been built.   It is mostly a residential area with rows of terraced houses built in the early part of the 1900’s & house prices are cheaper in this area. There used to be patches of waste land where children would play, but housing developers have brought & built on all the spare space. There is an off license,   2 paper shops, 3 hairdressers,   bank,   school, kebab shop, chemist, 2 M.O.T centers , Tesco Express, Farm foods & a record office which used to be the old school. Further down the road going out of town, there is a hair salon, chip shop, tackle shop & nursery.

Bramford Road is mostly used by the local community, for use of the local shops & school, & travelling to & from their place of work. It is a rundown area of the town & cheaper house prices reflect this. However the further you travel into bramford the better the level of class seems to be. It mostly has a poor class of people the town end of the road, where there are several blocks of 3 story high flats owned by the local council & has a noticeable drug problem. However, the local council have improved the look of the flats by adding double glazing, planted some flowers & had 2 of the 3 phone boxes removed to help prevent loitering. The emergency services are frequently called to the block of flats, mostly the police, & the cctv for some reason doesn’t cover that part of the road. Here I find similarities with “City Road” with the crime that PC Keohane   mentions   with the drug & shoplifting offences.

Parking is mostly residential only & cannot park anywhere accept some side roads further out of the town end or the 2 hour limit outside the row of shops, which is a huge problem on a...