Tma 01 - Part 2

Throughout this course I feel that I need to focus my academic skill development on looking at referencing my work and using the references to back up and support my answers. I have been reading through the articles stating how to reference your work and feel that this has been useful, I would like to be able to work on this so that I am able to be confident in referencing all of my work. I also would like to work on finding information and resources to help me support my work and arguments. I would like to always be able to back up my answers with different articles, documents and books I have read, this will also help me to work on referencing my work. When reading different information I would like to be able to read it in a critical way and analyse all the infortmation that it is telling me to then use in my work explaining the different ways that people may take in this information and how it can be percieved. My final main area I would like to work on is making sure that I can present a clear   and logical argument   in writing as I feel this is an area I have not had any practice with since leaving school and I feel that if I think too strongly about one side of the argument I may get too into defending that side rather that making the argument logical to what the question is.