Tips to Write a Statement of Purpose


1.   Start the writing with a direct introduction as to how you had visited the university‚Äôs website and how you were impressed with the departmental work happening in your choice of subject. Here do not forget to mention the spectrum of subjects that are offered with some examples.

2. Go on with the explanation as to how you could get connected with the departmental offerings and your actual plan to specialize in further education. Briefly introduce yourself with clear interests in education.

3. Proceed with information that could be highlighted on your previous years of education and how well you could connect and relate to your future plan along with the offerings in the university

4. Highlight your achievements which are very unique to you. Highlight your general achievements which can be academic / related to the area of your study or something which will help your future education plan.

5. Connect all the above mentioned to the department and how useful you will be to the university and how the department will add value to your expectations in the area of education.
Briefly mention about your long term plans and how you have seen a win-win plan in being associated with the university and the department in particular


Points to be considered when you write the above mentioned details

  1. Do not write/ explain your failure and reasons for non-performances
  2. Visit the department website of the university that you plan to apply and look for details that are most suited to your profile/ work.
  3. Think positive and focus on the point of information that is relevant to the department
  4. Never ask/ request for an admit or financial aid. Always focus on a valuable and mutually beneficial professional relationship
  5. Initially pour down as much as you want, but your final word-count should not...