Tip Top Market Analysis

Cassandra Oliver
June 5, 2015

Tip Top Market Analysis
Recently Tip Top Markets has been receiving numerous complaints regarding the quality and services.   The complaints range from customer service to maintenance, long wait time, and pricing problems.   In June they started collecting complaints from the customers and it seemed as if Tuesdays were the worst days.   After analyzing the complaints, here is what I found.  
I have broken the complaints down into five areas:   Stocking, Staffing/Training, Maintenance, Customer Service and Anomalies.

The major complaint was regarding stocking of the store‚Äôs items.   The customers complained that the item they needed they could not find or that the item was simply not available.   The second major complaint was regarding staffing/training issues.   There complaints ranged from long check out times to over pricing.   The next major complaint was maintenance issues, such as equipment being out of service and cleanliness of the store.   The next major complaint was customer service.   Customers experienced rude and unfriendly employees.  
On July 15th the store made some changes to help reduce the customer complaints and improve the business.   Here are the comparisons from June 1st through July 27th.

The results of the last two weeks does not reflect any improvement.   There is an average of about 22 complaints for the last three weeks.   It shows that customers are still experiencing the dissatisfaction with the quality and services of Tip Top Market.   The problems that are occurring are in direct relation to the complaints.  

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long wait times
customer complaints

rude employees

Loss of business

Staffing/Training Customer Service

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