Tip Location Devices Market Expected to Expand at a Steady Cagr Through 2025

A catheter is a thin tube medical device which can be inserted into the human body during surgical procedures. This process is known as catheterization. Catherization and cannulation often results in complications such as hematoma, infiltration, phlebitis or embolism. During catherization and cannulation, catheters and cannulas get malpositioned. Proper placement of catheters is an essential prerequisite in central venous catheters. Cather malpositioning is commonly observed in the technique of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs). The solution for such complications is the use of tip location devices and systems.  

Tip Location Devices Market: Drivers & Restraints            

The issue of malpositioning of central venous catheters can be solved by determining the catheter position. This catheter position determination can be done by chest X-ray when aspiration of blood is not possible.   The determination of catheter position with chest X-ray is a time consuming process, provides poor image quality and often needs more than one chest X-ray to give right location. The use of tip locator devices reduces the incidences of catheter malpositioning by around 10 % to 16%. Tip locator devices improve patient compliance and reduce the cost of catheterization owing to the lesser incidences of catheter malpositioning.   Tip location device have microsensors which indicate the right and wrong direction for the catheter as well as the exact location to reach in real time. Tip location devices reduce vein damage and spasms. The traditional chest x-ray technique may act as a potential hurdle for the growth of the global tip locating devices market.

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Tip Location Devices Market: Segmentation

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Tip Location Devices Market: Overview

Simple body movements such as respiration can also cause the catheter tips to move away from the ideal...