The movie was about Anna Mae Bullock.   Her mother left her with her grandmother when she was a little girl.   Anna Mae lived with her grandmother until her grandmother died, then she went to live with her mother.   Anna Mae was eighteen when she went to live with her mother, and sister.   She had to go to the club where her sister worked whenever her mother wanted privacy.
Ike Turner was singing at the club where her sister worked.   Every night Ike would let different women come on stage and sing with him.   One night Anna Mae went on stage to sing and Ike said she was very good.   Ike went to her home the next day and asked her mother if she could sing with his band.
Anna Mae became the lead singer.   All the musicians and back up singers lived with Ike, and Ike’s girlfriend and their two boys lived there too.   His girlfriend was jealous of Anna Mae because she knew that Ike wanted to be with her, and she was hurting because Ike was unfaithful.   One night they rehersal until late, and Ike told Anna Mae it was too late for her to go home, and he would call her mother and let her know Anna Mae was going to stay the night.   Ike’s girlfriend went into the room where Anna Mae was, and she put a gun in Anna Mae’s face and asked her “ what was going on” Anna Mae begged her not to shoot her.   The girlfriend went back to her room where her two little boys were and tried to kill herself with that gun.   Ike’s girlfriend and their two boys moved away.  
Anna Mae and Ike became lovers, and had a baby.   Anna Mae was very sick after she had the baby.   The doctor said she should stay in the hospital for a while, but Ike has big plans for Anna Mae, and did not have time for her to be sick.   Anna Mae became Mrs. Tina Turner, because Ike Turner wanted full control of her.   Ike started insulting Tina as soon as they were marred.   One night Tina told Ike that she did not feel like performing because her throat was sore.   Ike called her a bad name,...