Timeline Ww2

Germany – In (1919), the Treaty of Versailles was signed. The result of the German Army having been defeated during WWI, Hitler vowed revenge and created the “Nazi Army” and declared himself as leader over the Nazi Party. All political parties were outlawed except for the Nazi Party. Trades unions were abolished. The Church was forced to swear loyalty to Hitler. Concentration camps began being set-up.  Hitler wanted to create a new German empire that stretched for most of Western Europe.
Japan - Japanese warmongers wanted to create their co-prosperity sphere to celebrate their narcissism. Japan began expanding itself into Manchuria in (1931) because many resources were available such as iron, coal, soybeans, etc…
Ethiopia – (1935) Ethiopia was annexed during WWII
Neutrality Acts – (1935) law passed by congress and signed by FDR designed to keep the United States out of a possible European war by banning shipment of war materiel to enemies and banning U.S. citizens from traveling to Enemy countries.
Rhineland - (1936) Rhineland was annexed during WWII

Neutrality Act (1936) Prohibited loans to enemy countries.
Neutrality Act (1937) Extended the laws addressed in the past two Neutrality Acts to Civil Wars and gave the president the power to restrict the sales of war weapons (munitions) to only be purchased/sold through wholesale.
Sudetenland/Munich Conference - The Munich Conference was held in Munich, Germany on (1938), with the leaders of Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy. Adolf Hitler had demanded the possession of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain, French leader Eduardo Daladier, and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini met in Munich with Hitler and agreed to the annexation of the Sudeten region to Germany. 
Austria - was annexed in (1938) as a result of the culmination of the Anschluss movement.   The Battle of the Coral Sea occurred in (1942) between the Imperial Japanese Navy Army and the United States/Australia. Japanese forces...