Time to Dream

Time to dream
Sailing the waters, looking beyond the mountainous terrains was one of the major highlights of cruising. But with the sun shining brightly on your back and being in the perfect place, somewhere you could imagine was the real beauty. Sitting myself down on a sunny deck, allowed myself to imagine the very different ways one could sail these waters.
Looking beyond the mountainous areas, I would suddenly see beautiful things. Things like old explorers, boats and sunsets. What would the famous Captain Cook have felt like sailing into the unknown? I could see magnificent wooden vessels sailing through the waters. I could see people with immaculate uniforms, socks up high, looking out into the distance, being part of the crew with the world’s greatest explorer. Asking me what would do to protect my crew and myself from the raging seas. What would it feel like setting foot into New Zealand, discovering a beautiful land?
Then I would think, what would it have felt like to be an explorer in space? Would it be nice, what would it feel like to find a new star, or make a new discovery of planets or something like firing in away in a rocket off to discover something like a new element? Anything would do.
I could feel the cruise ship peeling away from the waters and up into space. Then what would I do after….
“Let’s go…”
That voice had broken me from my trance.
That’s when I looked back and realised that we had docked and that the mountains were way, way back.