Three Methods to Improve Crusher's Wear Situation and Service Life

The hammerhead, lining board, toothed plate and other wear parts of crusher are consumed most quickly and need replacement. Just the service life of these wear parts of crusher determines the whole machine's service life and influences its production efficiency,ultra wet grinder prices in hyderabad so how to improve the wear parts' service life? We need to consider it from two aspects: one is that we need to consider its quality when choosing the wear parts, which is the basic requirement. The other is that we need to adopt some protective methods during application. Here Zenith Machinery will give some suggestions to improve the working efficiency and service life of toothed plate.
In order to improve toothed plate wear and service life and reduce steel consumption,UK used mining compressor for sale many engineering and technical staffs do a lot of research work. The methods to improve its wear and service life are:
1.To turn the positive hanging of eccentric oil gear of traditional single toggle jaw crusher into negative hanging can improve the crusher performance. The service life of toothed plate can be extended by 50%, its output can improve 20%, the machine weight can lose 20% and its energy saving can reach 10.5%.
2.Change the thrust plate of traditional single toggle jaw crusher from top inclined type to bottom inclined type. The toothed plate of movable jaw has a downward force in the moving direction during crushing,used concrete batching plant for sale which is good for materials crushing and helpful for materials to discharge downward and reduce jamming. Its output can increase 20%-40%. The toothed plate wear situation is improved and its service life is extended to 2-3 times, compared with the traditional plate.
3.Change the traditional single toggle jaw crusher from single movable jaw to double movable jaws, thus the vertical relative moving between two movable jaws is near to zero. So its abrasion can be reduced and its service life can be...