Three Day

For the past three day, I have been putting in values for my food intake in my pyramid tracker. The results do not seem overwhelmed.   My milk intake is at .02 cup which should be at least at 3, there not good at all for my bones. In the meat and beans I have intake 3.9 oz, which is recommend ideal to my weight at 7oz. In this I am half way there, but have to do better. Vegetables intake is at 0.5 cup, where it’s recommended to be 3.5 cup. The worst is my fruit intake which is at 0 cup, and should be ideal at 2.5 cup. Talk about the gains intake, it’s recommended to be 10 oz but I only intake 2 oz.
I have to figure out a way to modify my healthy habits to make it to the recommendation servings for each food group. First, I need to start of eating fruits because I have intake a very poor at 0 servings. In the meat servings, I’ll need to eat more chicken and tuna to get protein because it doesn’t seem like anything I eat contains protein. Milk should not that low, I need to drink one glass in the morning and one before sleeping, along with maybe trying to get oatmeal with milk. The gains intake is not good at all; maybe I will start eating beans which I do not like at all.
The three items I will examine are a can of Pepsi, bag of Doritos and wings. A can of Pepsi which is 12oz contains: Calories 150, Fat 0g, Carbs 41g, Protein 0. I eat wings at buffalo wild wings, 1 wing has Calories 72, Fat 5g, Carbs 0g, and Protein 6g. A bag of Doritos normally about 11chips contains: Calories 170, Fat 8g, Carbs 17g, and Protein 2g. I find it hard to believe there is protein in chips.
I do not have a good eating habit, need to work. I try to make a list of my daily routine meals and have items which fit the pyramid better.