Thomas Hardy Wide Reading Task

Wide reading task – The Thieves who couldn’t help but Sneezing
The Thieves who wouldn’t help but Sneezing was written by Thomas Hardy in 1877. This short story outlines the consequences gathered from those who commit crimes and the comeuppance they receive. Being written in the 19th century the story reflects upon upper class of society and the working class. The main character of Hubert is the son or a passionate yeoman and loving father. Situated in Wessex England, cultural influences of the text are depicted through the motif of family and the everlasting tradition of Christmas.
The text is an example of a light cosy school story. Hubert being the main character of the story becomes the cunning detective without even knowing it. Set in the country of Wessex the suspects are known to Hubert but not the upper class family with which Hubert is later familiarised with. Even though the perpetrators are known to the audience at the beginning of the story, it is the introduction to the rich English family that will determine the circumstances of their actions.
The conventions which reinforce the cosy school influence is Hardy’s interpretation of a close knit English society as “young men and women were married sons and daughters of the old couple, who had come that day to spend Christmas with their parents.” The text is an example of cosy school as it interprets a crime based upon the actions of others who are Sir Simon and Hubert. Crime conventions which are displayed in the short story are the passionate boy Hubert disguised as a detective and the persistent Sir Simon Hubert’s right hand man. The trickery set by Hubert to subtly convince the house of thieves demonstrates clues of cosy school crime. The technique applied by Hubert provided audiences with relief for the thieves to achieve their comeuppance.
Thomas Hardy purpose is reflecting upon the social classes of society. The upper class, working class and the poorer of English society depicted as the three...