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Instantly apply a new look and feel to your documents
When your company updates its look, you can instantly follow suit in your documents. By using Quick Styles and Document Themes, you can quickly change the appearance of text, tables, and graphics throughout your document to match your preferred style or color scheme.
Easily avoid spelling errors
When you are writing a document for others to see, you certainly don't want spelling errors to detract from your message or to undermine your professionalism. New features of the spelling checker make it easier for you to distribute your work with confidence:
  * The spelling checker is now more consistent across the 2007 Microsoft Office system programs. Examples of this change include:
      * Several spelling checker options are now global. If you change one of these options in one Office program, that option is also changed for all the other Office programs. For more information, see Change the way spelling and grammar checking work.
      * In addition to sharing the same custom dictionaries, all programs can manage them by using the same dialog box. For more information, see Use custom dictionaries to add words to the spelling checker.
  * The 2007 Microsoft Office system spelling checker includes the post-reform French dictionary. In Microsoft Office 2003, this was an add-in that had to be separately installed. For more information, see Change the way spelling and grammar checking work.
  * An exclusion dictionary is automatically created for a language the first time that language is used. Exclusion dictionaries let you force the spelling checker to flag words that you want to avoid using. They are handy for avoiding words that are obscene or that don't match your style guide. For more information, see Use exclusion dictionaries to specify a preferred spelling for a word.
  * The spelling checker can find and flag some contextual...