Culture to me is a certain thing that certain races of people do and have. It includes the different things that they eat their religion and their beliefs. It also has to do with the way they interact with each other in their own groups.
Are has a lot to do with the way that the people create things. There are visual arts which would consist of photography and painting these are all the things that you can see visually. The music part would not be so much something that you can see but it would be something that you could hear and learn to like.
Literature would be things such as books or magazines, or even going to see a play. It is words that are either spoken or read. Now when it comes to storytelling than it pretty much gives you the words and you get to put the visual picture in your head and picture it anyway you would like to.
The role of the artist to me would be to make their own things, make you like it, fall in love with it. It is their job to give you something that you would like to enjoy doing whether it to be going to a play or reading a book. Maybe you enjoy listening to music; all of these things are considered things that are done by artists. If it wasn’t for artist than there would be no culture. Artists try to get you to see things from every aspect instead of only your own. It changes the way people look at things. I think art is such a beautiful thing.