Thinking Map

Thinking Map for Skillful Decision Making
Hostile boss: I’m sure everyone has had a crazy hostile boss. I’m currently dealing with a hostile boss now. These are the decisions that I have chose to make based on my bosses behavior.
  1. What makes this decision necessary? It’s not fair to an employee to have to be forced to accept this type of behavior coming from a supervisor. Its definitely not fair to me to have to deal with this type of behavior coming from her everyday and I have done nothing to her personally myself. Being hostile does not just affect the person giving it out it affect’s others around you. It may also lead to my quitting if something is not done about the behavior. As we all know it’s very hard to find employment due to the economy. So this is my last resort and decision to make.

  2. What are the options? When thinking about this situation there are many options that I can take into consideration. One of my options could be to have a personal talk with her myself about her hostile behavior. I could report her to her supervisor and let her know what she is doing. I could also call the corporate and report her to the big overhead. Are I could go my own route and set her up myself. So maybe the last one is not professional but neither is her behavior. But it is an option that I would consider if nothing is done.

  3. What are the likely consequences of each option? Having a personal talk could lead to a positive route are a negative route. I really believes it’s all in how she takes criticism and being told that she comes off in the wrong way. This method can be a success is a disaster. Reporting her to her head supervisor could be a good and bad thing. I know that when you talk to a supervisor everything is supposed to remain confidential. Lets say she tells her who told her about this behavior and she gets mad and tries to fire you. She may fix this behavior but just antagonize you in a different way. But this could be the better...