Thinking and Success Strategies in Healthcare

GE230/HCA202 Week 1 Journal Exercise

Serria Dawson

LAC International

Ge213/HCA202 Critical Thinking and Success Strategies in Healthcare

July 17, 2011

    After looking over the four stages of thinking I can honestly say that I believe I may be in the 4th Stage, that being a Practicing Thinker. I believe this as I have been told by many friends and people of my family that I usually analyze most things I take on rather it be my schooling, or a project at the job I was laid off from. I seem to think a lot of times I may even over-analyze which actually makes the task at hand much more difficult that actually meant to be. This exercise was simple once I stopped dwelling on the fact that this is about me, and look at my thought process in general.
    I have always been this way, and once I actually stop asking so many questions, or making assumptions then the task becomes much easier. A perfect example would be a conversation I had with a friend yesterday afternoon. I was helping her with a document needed for our school’s Twirling Team. I asked her what she wanted the file named, and she just looked at me funny. I then asked her “What is this document about and who is it meant for?” Oddly enough she told me to “stop being critical, it’s just a darn folder.”
I had to laugh out loud at her comment, and then it dawned on me that this is just how I am.   After talking to her today and telling her “thank you for helping me get out of my brain freeze” she said, laughing full heartedly, “If the Instructor would just spend 20 minutes talking to you, you would earn full credit points just for being how and who you are”.
    I think the main way I can improve my thinking is to continue to ask questions, and not over-analyze the given task, and to limit my questioning to “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, and “why”, and not assume too much, but stick to facts, and things will fall into place.