Thinking About Diversity

Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion

Alycia Hargett


March 16, 2015

Shannon Burke, MA

Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion

What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Identify and briefly explain the dimensions by referencing both textbooks.

      Cultural Diversity is the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society.   Within cultural diversity, there are three dimensions and four layers.   The three dimensions are Organizational Dimensions, External Dimensions, and Internal Dimensions.   Organizational Dimension includes how culture is found in our work settings including management status, seniority, classification, and the field of work you are in. In the External Dimension we exercise some control over things in our lives that over time could change.   Meaning one can determine with whom friendships are developed with, and how we will proceed with our careers.   Also included under the External Dimension are marital status, geographical location, religion, and educational background.   The next layer is the Internal Dimension which covers mainly personality along with ethnicity, race, age and gender.   This is the layer where we hold no control and this is where we make assumptions and pass judgments about each other based off of the characteristics mentioned.   The final layer is personality.   We all have it and its shaped early in life and is influenced by the other three layers over time and with different choices one makes.

With what ethnic, cultural, or other groups do you identify? Describe what members of your social circle have in common.

      Being able to identify with an ethnicity when you are biracial is very difficult.   However I think that that I relate more with who raised me and that’s the African American side.   I identify as African American-Polish Christian and I make up the L in LGBT.   Being the product of biracial parents has not always been fun but over time I think that I have...