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Economic Decision Paper

Economic Decision Paper
Marquita Bellock
Eco/212 University of Phoenix
David Grier
November 17, 2009

Economic Decision Paper
In this paper one will understand the different decisions people make because of the things that are going on in the economy. As one read further in the paper one will understand how and why people make the decisions they make.   In this paper one will see where I’m explaining how economic interactions are affected by the type of economic system presents.   I will also explain how the principals of economics relate to decision making, interaction, and the working of the economy, and as a whole.
The decisions people are making in this economy is because the choices they have made earlier in their life.   The economy is so bad now that one must have and high school diploma and a college degree just to get a decent job and to make it in this world.   The decisions that people make always determine their future and what they don’t realize is one must take out time sit back and think before making drastic change that might affect one later in life.   For example a child dropping of school because he or she says it’s too hard or they can’t pass the test.   With the test that the state put out for those children makes the dropout rate much higher because they don’t want to see these children succeed.   So many people always complain about the test that’s holding these kids back and are not helping them because they have lack of information and that why some kids make the decision that they make and it hurts them in the end.   The principals of making good decisions are to think about them before acting on it because the choice one make today can hurt tomorrow.        
In conclusion life as we know it is full of choices and decision but the best part is to make the wrights choice.   The decision we made yesterday can affect us tomorrow because life is a decision and also a choice to make it in this world.   All one must...