Charter School Enrollment System
For Charter School Users
This web-based system collects   charter school student   enrollment information for the purpose of
calculating the payments to be made by school districts to charter schools. The Department of Education
(DOE) uses this information to calculate charter school aid payments.
Pursuant to N.J.A.C.6A:23A-15.3, in order to enroll in a charter school, a student must first be registered
in the school district in which the student resides.   In some instances, this school district is not the district
where the student resides, but may be a regional school district. If a student is enrolled in a regional
school district, the regional school district is the district responsible for the payment of the charter school
aid for those students.   Students are required to register at the resident school district, which may be a
regional school district, prior to attending the charter school.
Charter schools are required to conduct two   enrollment counts which are submitted through this webbased enrollment system;   October 15
and the last day of school.   Funding for charter schools flows
through the schools district of residence.   As a consequence, charter schools are required to submit a
listing of all students on roll on October 15 and as of the last day of school for the calculation of average
daily enrollment (ADE).
Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:23A-15.3(g) initial payment schedules beginning in July of each budget year will
use the February projected enrollment.   Following the October 15 count, all aid paid to the charter school
will be adjusted accordingly from the projected enrollment to average daily enrollment on October 15.  
This current year adjustment will be spread evenly over the remaining pay periods in the school year.   A
revised payment schedule will be provided reflecting that fact....