Watson – Behaviourist
Different objects are associated with feelings, something that has been negative/positive.
A child comes into the setting with a pink top on and they have been good at tidying up all day when usually they aren’t. So you give them a sticker and say to them you have this sticker because you have been good at tidying today. The next time they come in you notice they are wearing the same pink top as the other day. The parent says to you she won’t wear any other top for nursery. This may be because you gave the child a sticker for good tidying. But the child may think it’s because of what they are wearing.
But one day another child may come in a green top and they may have fallen over and hurt their arm so they may blame the top and want to take it off because they may associate the top with them falling over when really it’s just because they tripped.

As practioners we need to talk and explain to children so they can understand why they have been given a sticker and why they have fallen over. Telling parents in front of the children as well is a good way of children to understand.   Showing them why they have or done something will also help them understand.

Maslow – Humanist
Maslow is one of the most important figures of psychology. He is best known as “hierarchy of human needs”. This is represented in a pyramid made up of 5 layers.
To meet this pyramid you must fulfil the lower levels fist in order to reach the top level.
Physiological needs:
We provide food for the children e.g. Snack, Breakfast.
Shelter needs to be a warm safe secured place for children to play and enjoy activities.
Sleep /rest/quiet room for the children to lay and rest
Air accesses for outside play in all weathers to let them run around. Making sure it is safe and closed off from main roads and other building. Making sure nobody can access around the back.
Water available each and...