“There Was Not Just One Cause of the Russian Revolution” to What Extent Do You Agree?

Not only was there not just one cause of the Russian revolution but there also was not just one revolution. Both the revolution in 1905 and 1917 had different causes. Prior to the 1905 revolution there was a war which resulted in harsh living conditions, also a massacre which caused many riots and deaths. The 1917 revolution was caused by wars, economy crashes and bad leadership. Both revolutions had different causes except for two. There were two issues that surfaced before both revolutions that caused them. Discontent peasants and the ruler Tsar Nicholas 2.
Since the beginning of the 1900s 80% of Russia’s populations were peasant. They were country people who made their living by farming. Up until 1861 peasants were known as serfs and they were slaves to their landlords. As the population grew in Russia there was less and less land each year for peasant to live and farm on. This meant they found it harder to support their families and they had to make redemption payments for land they didn’t own. Nearly half of all new born babies died before the age of and for the ones that lived past 5 the average life span was 50. Diseases and malnutrition was very common and many left for the nearest town for city to work. Were they earned “miserable wages and generally live in an overcrowded state,” The normal working day was 11 and a half hours. Workers were unable to improve these conditions as going on strike was illegal and trade unions were not allowed. They had no freedom no rights no land ownership (49 year mortgage) and they were treated like slaves. This discontentment of the peasants endured for many years and proved to be one of the main causes of both the 1905 and 1917 revolution.
The Russian word for Emperor is Tsar and Nicholas 2 became tsar over Russia as of 1894. He was considered to be a weak evil man and he could be regarded as the root of all the causes of the revolutions in 1905 and 1917. He was an Autocrat, which meant he held all power and control...