Course Title 7303 PTLLS
Name Joe Cook
All Learners and Teachers need to establish ground rules,as in day to day life without rule
society would be in anarchy. In the classroom we need to establish rules behavior and to underpin
respect between teacher and learner. The rules established should apply to the teacher as well as
the learners
I believe the best way to establish a solid grounding for rules is to let the learners choose the
rules themselves. The learners are more likely to abide by the rules if they have a say in
making them, of course there would be a lot of input and guidance from the teacher when choosing the rules. I think if the teacher tried to rule his or her learners with a rod of iron or a dictatorial attitude I think they would resent the teacher and would be less likely to adhere to the rules.
The first I would do is to explain to the learners the need for ground rules stating there would be a lot of disruption without them, and give examples of situations like a mobile phone ringing during a lesson when it should have been set to silent. I would also explain that rules are needed to take into account the diversity of the learners. I would then enter into discussion with the learners to establish the rules, try and draw the whole class into the debate so that everyone has had a say in the making of the rules. I would then start to list the rules on the board, adding any less important rules that the learners have missed out.
Once everybody is happy with the rules I would create a written contract containing our rules and on our next lesson give every member of the class a copy to keep for there reference, I would then discuss the contract with the class. After that I would only go through the rules if a problem arises.