Theory Assignment 3

Explain the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain. 412 words

A teacher has a responsibility to provide an adequate learning environment for students, which will involve ensuring that the tuition provided meets their needs. Information collated in the early stages of enrolment and induction will assist with that requirement. Furthermore, assessment and feedback during the learning process will enable the teacher to monitor progress in both learning and teaching. Such information will rightly be restricted to the requirements of the teaching organisation, the needs and welfare of the student and relevant to the aims of the learning to be undertaken. Also, the Data Protection Act 1998 requires that information held is: Processed fairly and lawfully, is specific, is adequate, relevant and not excessive, is accurate and updated, is kept no longer than necessary, is processed in line with individuals’ rights, is prevented from being transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area and is kept secure.

Consider the first contact a teacher has with his/her student; the teacher will have access to an application form, an enrolment form and perhaps a personal statement by the student. This Initial Assessment will provide the base from which the teacher can design his lesson plans and deliver his scheme of work. As learning begins, the teacher and the student will need to be able to monitor and check progress against objectives which must be specific, measureable, achievable and realistic and be assessed at appropriate times. Such knowledge is gained via Formative Assessments which may include, among others, classroom based review (a simple question and answer session may suffice) by the teacher, student feedback or questionnaires.
Proper record keeping of such assessments will enable the teacher to devise personal development plans for students as well as identify any weak areas in the group. Peer review will help the...