A Complicated Fairy Tale
Kayla Hunter
Box 639

Once upon a time…that is how every fairy tale starts. There is always a prince and a princess and a wicked stepmother. The prince and the princess fall in love, the wicked stepmother comes between them and tries to kill the beautiful princess, the prince saves the princess and defeats the wicked stepmother, and they all live happily ever after. That is beautiful, but this fairy tale is a bit different.
In a land not too far away there lived a beautiful Queen and her handsome king and they were one day blessed with a beautiful child, whom they named Khalia.   She was the apple of their eye and could do no wrong. She was raised in diamonds and rubies, silver and gold and was the most beautiful thing that anyone had ever laid their eyes upon. She was intelligent, graceful, and elegant, yet brave and determined. She commanded the room when she walked in with her sweet and innocent spirit. She was the princess of Romania.
As Khalia grew into the wonderful age of 18 she started to develop into someone that her parents could not recognize. She was still very beautiful, elegant, and graceful but she also had gained independence and an attitude of feminism and rebellion. In her kingdom the royal family was conservative, the smallest things such as speaking out of turn or stubbornness were not tolerated and some cases punishable by death. This   “radical behavior” came at just about the time when Khalia was beginning her transition to University and in an attempt to save their daughter, her parents sent her to an etiquette school called Grace. Little did she know that not too far from her, in a rural town, lived a girl named Miranda, who like her was being sent to this school to fix her behavior and “ horrid” attitude.
In another very small kingdom not too far from Khalia, lived another family. This family was far different from Khalias’. They were a very young couple who were forced out onto their own when their...