Theories of Lemark and Darwin

Lemark and Darwin both had their theories of life. Darwin and Lemark both stated that life changes over time. Lemark believed that traits were not passed through gene but from what parents did (like if a parent was really strong and muscular so would their offspring). Throughout his studies of shore birds he came to the conclusion that their webbed feet came through their older ancestors stretched out their feet and over time they eventually got webbed feet.   His theory was criticized by everybody and was eventually proven wrong by a man by the name of Charles Darwin.
Darwin unlike Lenmark believed in natural selection. During his 5 year trip around the world he collected many fossils. He examined 1000s of different species. He collected about 13 flinch fossils. Darwin learned that the offspring of the older finches had to adapt to different food as well as environment limits population. If the environment becomes too extreme and hard to survive in that species will eventually become extinct.   Darwin also states in his theory that animals with high fitness is more likely to survive longer and mate then ones with low fitness. A higher fitness also meant that it was easier to adapt to their environment. His theory simply states that new species evolve over time by a common an castor, when the environment changes so do they by adapting and passing that trait onto their offspring’s.   Darwin’s last or second theory stated that animals also passed on traits that didn’t make them faster or stronger but made them more attracted to females making them more fit.