The Yellow Wall Paper - Reader Response

Composition and literature II

                              Reader response – The yellow wallpaper

            The story “ the yellow wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman   depicts the story of an insane woman   and how psychiatric   treatment of   the late nineteenth century affected her and her family . a brief description about her husband would be   that he was a physician who was a very caring and loving man . and despite his wife’s mental illness he , not even once expressed a sign of coldness toward her . John , his wife and her sister moved temporarily into another house where John thought his wife would get the ample amount of rest and air she needed .   evidence from the   story which further supported the fact that John’s wife was having   a slight hysterical tendency is when   John tells her that “if   I ( the wife) don’t   pick up faster , he shall send me to Weir Mitchell in fall”.( Gilman 426) . Weir Mitchell was a well known 19th century Physician who was known for his treatment methods for   psychosomatic illnesses .   As a way of getting a lot of air , John allotted   themselves the nursety at the top of the house   where there would be a rather obstruction free flow of air .   one of the major things that this woman observed and disliked   was the yellow wall paper that covered the walls of the room . In the beginning she rather found   it repulsive and repugnant .   the wife began to see weird inanimate patterns on the wall at first , which to her , seemed to move later on in the story . when she expressed her feeling to leave the house her husband informed her of her   steady healing since she’d been to   the house. The husband also adds that   “ No one but myself can help me out of it , that I must use my will and self control and not let my fancies run away with me”. ( Gilman ,427).   Soon the weird looking patterns revealed a woman , who , to her, crept about during the day and was   behind bars . she soon found that the woman was shaking...