The Witch Dbq

The Witch DBQ
Did you know that   witches were persecuted in Europe for a long time? Well, witches were persecuted from the late fifteenth century through the seventeenth century. There were many reasons why witches were persecuted. Some of those are churches wanting of authority, personal gain of those who benefit from the trials, and discrimination of the elderly and women.
One main reason for the persecution of witches in Europe is the churches wanting for more authority. The Report of church wardens shows that the church is upset with a women healing people and animals instead of them. This Report tells you that if   the church is   upset that it is because it was led mostly by men in this time so that is why the warden is upset because, Alice Parabury, a women is taking work from them. ( Doc 4) ( POV). “ The witch Bull” shows that the church was getting inquisitors to crack down people who are swayed in anyway   from believing the teachings of the church. So anyone who defied the church’s authority in anyway was persecuted.( Doc 7) This is a biased document because I was written by the pope of the church , so of course he would be for the church. (POV)
Another reason for the persecution of individuals as witches was for personal gain of those who benefited fro the trials. The statement from the eyewitness to the trial claims that many people in office were hoping for wealth from the persecution. (Doc 2) If a person is persecuted then their children will be exiled and then once the children are exiled anything left in the “witches” quarters were up for grabs. The belongings could have possibly been taken by the executioner and also the copyist benefit from this because what they write in the court gives the money. (Doc 2) ( POV) This   next letter shows personal gain because the person being put on trial is a mayor   so once he is gone his daughter gets exiled(doc 2). He is also a mayor and he is most likely wealthy so this gives more reason to accuse him of...