The Wilson Cake Company

The Wilson Cake Company
Barbara Wilson
Professor Gerard Cummings
Lithonia Campus
Organizational Behavior – Bus 322
May 29, 2012
Strayer University

The Wilson’s Cake Company
Since early 2003, Will and Barbara Wilson formed The Wilson Cake Company.   The company produced a full line of cakes, and its specialties included chess cake (chess cake is quite delicious and distinct from cheesecake), lemon pound cake, and double-iced, double-chocolate cake and some special ordered cakes.   However, the company grew rapidly.   In early 2006, after the company received national exposure they were featured in two widely distributed and publicized magazines, entrepreneurial magazine and Gourmet Desserts, sales exploded. The Company began receiving orders from all over the world.   The company went global and invested in new technologies to keep up with demands. The company moved into a new building and ordered machinery, and equipment needed to operate.   The company’s cakes are selling in chain’s stores for a national supermarket chain.   Also, Wilson’s cakes are selling in national restaurant chain stores and sold by the slice on restaurant menu.   Sales and stock prices rose by a very big margin.
At the present time, The Company expanded their empire into a large factory and employs over five thousand employees.   At top, Will Wilson, Owner/Chairman of the Board alongside the CEO, then CFO.   The company has seven departments, four regional managers, seven middle managers and first lever managers and supervisors.   The Company profit margin continues to increase as predicted so; they can reward bonuses throughout the company.  
Analyze the likely stressors employees in your company would face and make at least two (2) recommendations for reducing the stressors you identified
The most common sources of stress for people at work include task demands and role demands here at the company.   There are others of related demands such as interpersonal demands, physical...