The Wife's Story Oeq Radio

The narrator from the story, The Wife’s Story does love her dead husband because, that was her husband, which she had married him for better or worse.   I went up close because I thought if the thing was dead the spell, the curse must be done, and my husband could come back—alive, or even dead, if I could only see him, my true love, in his true form, beautiful, [Page 274; 2nd Paragraph; 6th sentence], as you can see, when the wife arrived and found her husband dead, she did not address him as a “Monster” or a “Beast”. She addressed him as “My Husband.” It takes real courage to accept her husband for who he is. Also, in the text, it says that she was hoping that she could see him, her true love, in his true form, beautiful. She obviously loves him to death.
Even though she feared his transformation, she loved him for who he was, her husband. Our youngest, the little one, my baby, she turned from her father. Just overnight. He comes in and she got scared-looking, stiff, with her eyes wide, and then she begun to cry and try to hide behind me. She didn’t yet talk plain but she was saying over and over, “Make it go away! Make it go away! [Page 272; 4th Paragraph; 4th-9th Sentence] I said to the child, “Shame on you, what’s got into you?” scolding, but keeping her right close to me at the same time, because I was frightened too. Frightened and shaking. [Page 272; 5th Paragraph] as you can see, she was frightened at her husband’s appearance, but she still scolded her child because she wants her child to respect her father. She loved him and at the same time, had fear. I guess the true moral behind this story is a person’s love for someone, no matter how they look. To conclude, yes it is possible for someone to love and fear the person they love.