The Wedding

Who’s to Judge?

Everything has been illegal to minorities at one point. The majority gets to decide what is right and wrong for everyone. It was once illegal for blacks to get married as well as interracial marriages “because the bible is against it”. Who are we to say what is right or wrong? Yes the bible may say something against the topic at hand. However not everyone believes in the bible, America is a country built on the venture to receive religious freedom without persecution.
Interracial marriage was an illegal up until the 1967, but is still an on going issue among people. In the novel The Wedding it shows what Shelby goes through when she decides the marry Meade. She gets all kinds of feed back on her decision. Her grandmother was happy that Meade was white, where as everyone else were questioning his race as well as his economic status.
Even if gay marriage were to be legalized it would still be on an issue with may people for a long time. It is okay to have your beliefs whether it is religious or not. Many of the people who are against gay marriage is because the Bible condemns it, however not everyone is a Christian. This is why we had a separation of church and state. If you against gay marriage then do not engage in a gay union, but we can tell someone they can not get married because of our beliefs.
As a result we tend to be stuck in our own ways. As Ian Robertson said his article, we tend to respond to the needs of ourselves and society. A lot of the time we do this to feel like we belong to a certain group. There some people that are willing to be who they want to be despite society.   Society will be uncomfortable for long time if gay marriage does get legalized. Just like some people still have a problem with blacks and women being able to vote. There is still racism today. Eventually society with begin to except the change. As Sheila Oliver said during her speech about gay marriage referring to interracial marriage,   “"…now, we know...