The Way We Lived in the Us in 1800s

The one aspect of American expansion that helped shape the U.S. expansion in relation to foreign relations after the year 1800 was ‘Manifest Destiny’. ‘Manifest Destiny’ was the term John O’Sullivan used to define the movement the United States had taken when the “spirit of nationalism had swept the nations.” The nation felt as if they had a purpose. The people of the United States had believed that God had given them this blessing of the growing nation, which started the Second Great Awakening.
Continuing to move west the American people had encountered many Native Americans and the Americans had made an objective to Christianizing the Natives, believing they could save their souls. As they reached the west, the expansion continued to grow. With the striking of gold in California in 1848, the number of migrants had increased. “In 1840, the entire southwestern corner of the United States was controlled by foreign powers, but by 1850 the United States had control of lands from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” ("Manifest Destiny”)
The United States experienced many changes between the years 1820 and 1850, including economic, industrial, and socioeconomic changes, as well as the issue of slavery.
The change that had the greatest effect during the years 1820 and 1850 were the industrial changes. The industrial changes had set off a domino effect of all these events such as the socioeconomic changes, economics, and the issues of slavery. Due to the industrial changes many middle-class women were able to help in the household environment by providing a second income working for manufacturing shops that would manufacture household type goods.
Due to the changes at home, many families were having fewer children and the United States birth rate had dropped. The Compromise of 1850 had been proposed to the government by Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky. The Compromise had consisted of five main points. One, Texas had to relinquish the land in dispute to New Mexico; two, New...