The Way We Grieve

Niya Gilbert
English 1101
Mr. Burdett
Ways We Grieve
When it comes to grieving over the loss of a love one, there are many different ways to grieve. Every man, woman, boy, and girl grieve in their own way. Some begin to grieve immediately while others start some time later. When my grandmother passed earlier this year, my family grieved in several different ways. We experienced anger and denial, crying off and on, acceptance of death, and staying busy.
First, is anger and denial. This is what I felt when she passed. I was wishing, hoping, and praying that she pulled through. While I was at work, my phone rang and I already knew what was about to be said on the other end. It was as if someone just ripped the heart right out of my chest. It was unbelievable that she was gone so quickly. I had just spoken with her before she went in to have surgery. I blamed the hospital, the doctors, the nurses, and even my grandmother at one point. I was so angry that I wanted to shoot the entire hospital up. All I kept asking myself is, “How could the doctors let this happen?!” “Why did they call her for a kidney transplant?!” And “Why didn’t she just no?!” In my heart I am still asking, “WHY?!”
Next, there is crying off and on. My son is grieving in this way. He could break down at any moment. This could happen because he is looking at her obituary, which he has on his dresser, or when we are sharing memories of her. There are times when he breaks down because he hears a song that reminds him of her or the funeral.   Then there are times when this happens simply because he just wants to say, “I love you!” and give her a hug. He and his great grandmother had a very special bond between them. She was at every football game, concert he had playing the drums, and any other event he had. He even has one of her shirts that he sleeps with because it smells like her. Although he in particular is grieving this way, the entire family also experience this.
Another way is...