The War Horse

like Evan Boland's poetry because of her ideas of violence and inhumanity. Also I think she expresses her own ideas and private life through the myths like in 'Pomegranate'. The experience of motherhood is also very strong and vivid in her poems. I like how she shows the voice of woman being powerless and silent in the face of life. I enjoy her poems because I think they bear messages that are important in our life nowadays, like the ideas of violence and death of a child. I think the idea of violence is best expressed in the poem 'child of our time' where she describes the death of an innocent baby as the result of bombs. The poem shows how brutal and sadistic the murder was. 'This song which takes... its rhythm from the discord of your murder.'Also I think she blames adults for this murder because they couldn't solve their problems peacefully and now that is the kid is dead they will learn. However I doubt this. She suggests that perhaps they should find a new language that they could use to interact with terrorists and resolve all their problems in a peaceful way, she hopes that the murder of the child will teach them something.'Find for your sake...a new language'

She shows how cruel life is and she, even being a mother, has no control over it. 'Child of our time, our times have robbed your cradle' I like the way Boland links myths to real life, showing that what was happening years ago is also happening now, life goes in circles, it repeats itself and we go through the