The Wakes of Life

The Wakes of Life by Kyle Vest
How would you describe life? Is it preplanned track that you must follow to be successful? Is it a series of peaks and valleys that you experience? How would you describe this phenomenon? When thinking about this topic one experience comes to my mind that incorporates the experiences of life, and how it affects us.
It was a warm summer morning when I woke up starting my week off of work. Chirp, chirp the birds cried for me to get out of bed because they knew that even though I was not working there were many tasks that I had to complete. So, eagerly I popped out from underneath the covers, and proceeded to put on the proper attire for the day. I chose my lost board shorts and a light blue Hollister shirt for the day. For the following days I packed only a limited amount of clothes sort of like what I picked out for that day.
As I strolled out to the shop where my truck and vessel sit parked one next to each other, I inspected the preparation that I had done the prior week. As the old 1979 bass tracker sit I took a minute to glare at the gloriously gleaming hull. I had taken hours to slowly buff out the stain that the years had put on the aluminum. Standing there I know the time I had put into the old boat was in no comparison with the experience I was about ready to have. The newly restored motor that sits on the stern of the boat was not native to it for 5 years in the past the original had shattered the side of the block as the sound of tearing metal and cast aluminum pieces flying past my puzzled head.
The next thing to do was go through my mental checklist for the supplies I would need throughout the week. I had been up the past night in the A.M. preparing the supplies and loading them in my truck. Skis, wake board, tent, grille, fishing tackle and poles, and anything else I would possibly need on my lake bound trip. The last thing I needed to do is to load up a few snacks incase the fish were not biting for the closest...