The Victorian Era, a Mind-Kind Revolution.

The Victorian Era, a mind-kind revolution.

“Mankind will be released from toil. Fire and, flood will be conquered and controlled. We are the ones who shall bring the power of science to all humanity like a shimmering gift of God!”

Preliminary objectives

    In the next paragraphs, I will give a glimpse, of some of the most important aspects on the industrial/Victorian era (1850-1900). In order for us to comprehend the evolution that ended all the way, in a revolution of the mind, we will need first to understand some of the key aspects regarding the Modus-Vivendi of that exhilarating period in time.

    The values, virtues and morality’s surrounding this period, will end in a heritage, a so called “way” to the next generations (present days).

    It is my duty to present an objective generalization on “how” the transition of a “land working country”, called United Kingdom, became the so called “WOLRLD MANUFACTURING FACTORY”, not only producing exquisite pieces of engineering, such as the revolutionizing, Newcomen steam engine witch was the fist of its class, but also a revolution in the way people were treated, a regularization of human rights regarding the emerging industry.

      It is important to see the education model witch we, the economic decedents of that special time, have been harvesting ever since. With this i try to flag out how engineering and science became the best career choice for those in seek of stability in that hard time. All of this of course, because of the impact it had on the wealthy families and their industries

    It is also important to understand how this wealth motivation, thrust inventors inventions throughout England and helped without a doubt the advances that mold the industrial era. Science will fore ever become a useful movement for progress.