The Use of the Internet, Intranets and Extranets by an E-Business Enterprise to Support Their E-Commerce Activities


This paper critically asses the use of the internet, intranets and extra-nets by an e-business enterprise to support their eCommerce activities. We shall look at a brief history of each system, critically analyzing their relevance in past to present years.

The paper will look at how an e-business enterprise uses the fore mentioned components in its day to day support of e-commerce activities and whether it is always necessary for enterprises to have an e-commerce business in order to really succeed in its environment. We will also look at the challenges e-businesses face as they use these components to outwit their competition.

No company can ignore technology; we will look at how technology has changed how organizations conduct business. This has made it more important for companies to acquire some training on how to operate hardware and software for easy operations of business. Information system is important in contributing to the success of any business at all levels. For organizations to succeed today, due to the increase competition in the global markets, businesses use systems such as internet, intranets and extranets will definitely change how operate and use to gain market advantage.

The rise of the internet has given birth to new ways in which a company conducts its business operations. An example of this would be the way companies network their offices and share real time data that results in more efficiency and effectiveness in business operations and activities. This though, creates even stiffer competition in the market place for organizations. So in order to gain an upper hand, the use of such technology will result in more proficient and powerful companies that stand the taste of time.

These tools will help the organization communicate faster and easier with and among their employees and most importantly, their customers. With the use of the internet, intranets, and extranets for such things as emails, video conferencing,...