The Un Should Fight

The UN should fight

As a controversial issue, I think the UN should fight. The first reason is that the UN can protect the refugee, and avoid them to be killed. If the UN do not fight, no one will help those people who was suffering the war and they also do not know how they will still live. Romeo Dallaire will stay in Rwanda and give those poor guys some help. But he is only one person, and he does not   have a big group of soldiers, his power is not enough to fight with the Hutus. If the UN give Dallaire help and fight with the Hutus, 10 Belgian soldiers who worked for Dallaire will not be killed by the Hutus and some people will not die in war. Everything will be changed.
The world might help, if the UN fight with the Hutus is the second reason that I think the UN should fight. I know that Dallaire will try him best to help those refugee. But we also know that he does not   have enough power to against the Hutus. If the UN help Dallaire to stop the war, the world must turn one's attention to this problem and to closely notice the development of the situation. Maybe, the world will help and make there become the area where attracts the most attention. And they can use television and newspaper to tell the world about the genocide in the Rwanda. With the UN, the media and the world's power, they will easier defeat the Hutus.
In the article, we can find that men, women, and children were killed. And there are staggering numbers. The Dallaire said he saw the murder of 800000 people. It was genocide. He can tell the world what he saw and appeal to the people all over the world pay attention to the war. With the UN helping, they will stop the war quicker and easier.
If the UN give Dallaire help, there will not a lot of place be destroyed, some people will not suffer in the war long time, and the refugee will not be killed. If the UN fight the Hutus, everything will change.