The Umbrella

The umbrella
    I have a umbrella which is related with childhood dream,It is the dream that now is far away from me.
The umbrella is sky blue inside.Outside it's blue altering with white shape.Compared with other common umbrellas,mine is much smaller.It only can shelter one person due to its tiny size.Some people may put some ornaments like Hello Kitty or Daraemon in bags.But I take umbrella   all the time.It never leaves my backpack.
One of reason I bought it is there are four characters carved on the surface of the handle of the umbrella.Every time I put up my umbrella,every moment I see these characters.Though the handle is turning rusted,it reminds me of a story in Shanghai.
I dreamed of going to Shanghai after graduating from high school.The little dream kept budding.But before I pictured my brilliant future,I had never been there.My parents were awareness.In 2002,we finally arrived in the paradise---Shanghai.
Then we were into a umbrella shop by accident,They picked up this umbrella to me.The umbrella with"Shanghai"warmed my heart.Moreover,it encouraged me to keep going ahead.Once Shanghai was a beautiful dream,the umbrella carries this dream till now.It also means a token of my parent's love.
Even though I fail to realize the dream.I never think it's a pity.Every moment,I will look at my umbrella as soon as the bad idea of idleness emerged.I tell myself,I must make efforts unremittingly.I know the umbrella is still there,it still remind me of a faraway dream.